Are Recruitment Agencies Sales Machines?

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Anybody who has a business will no doubt at some point or another been contacted by a recruitment agency.  These selling machines are fierce predators and will not give up until they get what they want.  Are they more trouble than they are worth or can they add real value to your recruitment process?

Let us put it into perspective recruitment agencies get all of the best candidates for new roles because they actively go out and seek these candidates.  Whilst the recruitment agencies are calling businesses looking for new job roles they are also searching the job world for fresh candidates to fill them.

The chances are that if you have a position available a recruitment agency will have somebody who can fill it quite well.  The problem most of us have is the fact that the these guys contact us out of the blue chasing new job roles and they will not give up until you at least give them your email address and agree to a call back at a later date.

If they are lucky enough to get hold of you when there is a position available then this is partially OK because at least you don’t have to come up with a million excuses as to why you don’t need their services right now.  However, this can open up a new problem.

This is the major problem of the finder’s fee.  As with everything in life this is negotiable and will usually start out at something really high.  Ignore the first second and third offer as they are after your job so don’t give in as if you don’t use this agency there will be a hundred more willing to accept your offer.  Play the game well and settle somewhere in the region of the ten percent mark as this is probably a fair commission for both parties.

Another more sensible option is to opt for a recruitment company that offers fixed fee recruitment.  This is a much better option as you will know exactly what you will pay for you new employee regardless of what salary you end up paying them.  There are lots of flat fee recruitment agencies out there but if the company who has called you isn’t one them ask them if they would consider a fixed fee deal.

If they are a reputable agency they will come to an arrangement with you, as they will be fully aware of these other agencies and will know that if they dont offer you a fixed fee deal then it would make more sense for you to use somebody else.

The long and short of it is that recruitment agencies do employ really good sales staff that will call you, and call you until you give in.  They will find you the best employees because they will want your repeat business.  Don’t be afraid to use them just play the game well.