Social Media Sites; Altering the World Of Business

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The business “world” is undoubtedly one which is eternally subject to change and evolution. Regardless of the purpose and nature of your of business, the chances that it cannot be improved or further evolved with the use of social networking or social media sites are incredibly low.

The examples of the ways in which “SM” sites can help improve the reach of businesses are as innumerable as they are varied, but this post will attempt to briefly list, and explain some examples of the basic ways in which “socials” can assist and improve different business models and styles.

One of the first and most well known of ways in which “Socials” can assist a business to expand and grow is by reaching a large cross section of potential customers or clients. Regardless of if their selling t-shirts or home insurance, by networking and advertising through the creation of a number of social media profiles any business will expand their potential customer base.

Optimising the use of a social profile is first and foremost dependant on how a business sets its profile up. It needs to be aimed towards and be interesting to, a person who is a prime example of their target market. If their profile reads like the personal profile of a companies managing director or CEO then the chances are they will only draw the attention and interest of other businesses or people who are in the same market. There is a specific language when it comes to creating a genuine business social profile, which will actually interest potential customers from their target market. In fact the language is quite simple to learn, it just takes a bit a reading and research on some already successful social profiles.

By using the different “social’s” abilities to locate the right people based on their interests and lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly easy for companies and businesses to sort the people who are worth aiming towards, from those who are not part of their target market.

One of the easiest ways to efficiently create a group of people who are within a particular target market is by looking at other similar businesses existing profiles. If a business’s main focus is on selling bespoke furniture and their biggest competitor’s social network profile on (for example) Face Book has two hundred likes, the chances are at least some of those people will be interested in the smaller companies site too, and that at least some of those people will “like” it. The more difficult aspects of using social media and networking sites come from actually gaining conversions and sales from your efforts.

Most social sites which are widely used are now very much aware that business’s can heavily benefit from using their sites and have put certain rules and regulations in place to prevent heavy marketing which does not benefit them. Face book for example can remove or punish a business’s profile at will if their marketing strategies seem to be against their terms and conditions, but they do offer paid advertising in the side bar (which is how they make their money). This can also be a highly effective marketing campaign if you can afford it, simply because the adverts are data influenced and will be aimed towards people with similar interests to the focus of the advert. The easiest way to continuously utilise social media sites for networking and marketing  is to read their terms and conditions, and work your campaigns around what is allowed and the loopholes in what isn’t.

Some of the most effective campaigns for business on social sites have come from competitions and “like” based giveaways. But when experimenting with campaigns like this it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on the terms and conditions in case you’ve broken them and are about to be penalised.

Whatever the purpose and focus of a business is they will certainly be able to increase their reach, and reinforce their reputation through the right use of social media and network sites such as Twitter, Face book and RSS. All it takes is the right research, a little time and some creative ingenuity.


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